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Friday, September 10, 2010

Malai Peda

Ganesh Chaturthi Sweet ~ Malai Peda

I wish all my readers, visitors and friends a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. And thought this is the right time to post a Peda recipe for "Lord Ganapati Bappa". This is simple yet another easy to make recipe from Ricotta cheese.

Prep time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 45 mins
Makes: 10-15 people
15oz Whole Milk Ricotta Cheese
1 cup Heavy Cream
1/2 tsp Cardamom Powder
3-4 Strands Saffron
1/2 cup Sugar
  • Heat the ricotta cheese in a wide mouthed pan on medium heat for 6-7 mins. Stir constantly. The cheese would first loosen up and then the liquid starts evaporating.

  • At this point you have to add the cream, saffron (crushed between your fingers/palm) and cardamom/elaichi powder and keep stirring all together till all the liquid dries up.

  • Once the cheese gets its texture, its time to add the sugar. Now cook it on high flame till the mixture forms a ball. Keep in mind to stir through out this procedure, you will need strong arms to do this. JB (my DH) helps me out in the kitchen for this.

  • Turn the heat off and let it cool a little bit. Don't wait for too long or else you will end up with hard lump of ball to work with.

  • Shape them into modak or peda, which ever works best for you. If you have a modal shape mould that will save you some time or to shape into modaks, take 1 tbsp of mixture and make a smooth ball. Now, using the all your fingers pull a little bit of a mixture ,elongating it. Press the other side of the ball on the counter or the plate. To shape into pedas, take a tsp of the mixture, shape into a ball and flatten it a little between your palms.

  • Its really simple and very much resemble like store bought.

Have fun and enjoy this festival with loads of sweets and blessings from God Ganesha.

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