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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Maharashtrain style Sabudana Khichdi


You must be wondering how come western India recipes on my blog...well I am raised in Kalyan and much acquainted to Maharashtrian food. Since my childhood I used to trade my lunch box whenever my friend used to bring this in her lunch box. Sabudana khichdi is my favorite breakfast recipe, I love so much that I can eat 4 times a day! This is a typical Maharashtrian style khichdi I learned from our kaki (maid), she makes awesome khichdi!!

Sabudana Khichdi is also famously called a fasting food during the ekadashi days, or sankashti chaturthi days when most of the maharashtrians fast. You will find in on the menu of many mess/canteens in most of Mumbai and surrounding when there is this special fasting done. But I love it any time any day. I make it as Naivedyam or Prasad to offer to Saibaba on Thursdays or for Saibaba Satsangs. After much talking here goes the recipe.


Sabudana Khichidi (Maharashtrian style)
Source: Our Maid Kaki
Cuisine: Maharashtrian Cuisine
Prep time:20 mins and 6-7 hours soaking sago
Cooking time: 20 mins
Serves: 4
2 C Sabudana/Sago (I use Swad or Delight brand)
3 green chillies
1 C roasted peanuts (remove the skins and grind into powder)
2 tsp crushed jeera
6-7 curry leaves
1 medium potato, medium diced
¼- ½ C oil
Kadai or non-stick pan


  • Soak sabudana 6-7 hours before hand. First wash and rinse the sabudana and then soak them in enough water that all of it is submerged in the water.
  • Next, roast peanuts in microwave. Place them on microwave safe plate and heat it on high for 3 or 4 mins. You will see that the peanuts are turned slightly brown, let it cool and remove the skin and grind into powder. alternatively you can dry roast them in a pan, if m/w is not the option.
  • Chop potato into medium size and medium size and place then in a microwave safe bowl, pour some water and heat it for 5 mins high. alternatively you can fry the potatoes in the oil itself, will take little while till they turn crispy.
  • Heat oil in kadai or non-stick pan on medium high, add curry leaves/kadipatta, crushed jeera and green chillies, let them fry for 1 min and then add the boiled aloo. Reduce the flame to medium low and let the potatoes turn crispy golden brown.
  • Add the sabudana, mix well, for a minute so that everything is mixed well. Sprinkle salt, close with a lid and let it cook for 10 mins... keep in mind to reduce the flame to simmer (low), after 8-10 mins check the khichdi and see if there are any hard white sabudana left, coz by now you sabudana will turn into transparent soft pearls. Check for salt and lastly add peanut powder, mix well and let it cook for another minute. Close the lid and remove from stove.


Few tips for a pearly sabudana khichdi:
  • See that you raw sabudana is not crushed or has lot of powdered sago in it.. If that is the case then just sift the sago so that all the powder is out and on whole sago is to be used.
  • Soak them at least 6-7 hours before hand. If you want to make it for breakfast, you can soak overnight, if want to make it as an evening snack, soak in the morning by 11:am
  • Soak it in enough water to cover the sabudana, do not add more water, or else you will end up with a mushy khichdi. So the rule of thumb is just enough water so that all the sago is submerged in it.
  • Use a little bit extra oil to get that tasty khichdi...common once in a while its ok to have an extra tablespoon or so... so why compromise on the flavor.
  • You can use more peanut powder than listed in the above menu...more taste you see!!

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Thanks for reading..

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Happy Fourth!!


Ahhhaaa! Can't believe that Padma's Kitchen is 4YO today.....

Thanks to you, my readers, my visitors, my family and friends, near and dear ones to make this journey more and more memorable. I thank you from the bottom of my heart to make my life more meaningful since I started blogging. These four years of blogging has been an amazing and outstanding journey and added more flavors to my life. Every comment left by my readers are like pearl to me that makes this journey worth it, thanks for pouring so much love and I promise you will get same in return.

Through my blog I made new friends, learned all the interesting things related to Food and Photography, I received so much love and warmth from my readers, can't ask more!! Blogging to me became more of a passion than a hobby now, and I love doing it.....

As you all know that Padma's Kitchen has undergone so much of design changes, I will be trying to add more healthy recipes in this coming year, more kid's friendly recipes as my almost 2 yo is loving all the new recipes I am cooking just for her!! Thanks to my daughter, Anshika who is continuously teaching me how to manage my life, time, blog being a mother. Can't end my post without saying thanks to the most wonderful person in my life ~ JB (my hubby) without whom Padma's Kitchen was impossible. He is the back-bone of this blog and whatever comes to this plate passes through a rigorous critics and quality control process. I love to say he is the "Quality Control Head" for my blog. Learned a lott!! Thank you dear Hubby!!

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