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Hi there, I am Padmalata, Indian by birth hailing from Mumbai suburb. A Mumbaikar as well as Andhrite from Visakhapatnam (native) and now living in New Jersey, USA. My entire childhood, teenage and years before marriage was spent in and around Mumbai. Being living in a cosmopolitan city, I had this opportunity to taste different cuisines of India locally and Internationally. A daughter, sister, wife, soccer mom to my daughter "Anshika", friend, homemaker, MBA graduate, food blogger, budding photographer, knitter, artsy and crafter.... thats pretty much me!

Life totally changed after moving to States. The first year went in exploring and making new friends, work, work and more work and then cooking good food to my DH, traveling to new places and so on. Next year I took up a hobby of knitting, the following year it was crocheting, then scrapbooking.... My appetite for learning new things filled up very soon and then a very dear friend Sharmi of Neivedyam introduced me to this whole New world of Food Blogging. Padma's Kitchen was born on July 5th 2007. Padma’s Kitchen is a book of my-tried-out recipes; you will find tastes from India especially from Andhra, Maharashtra, South and North Indian recipes with a fusion of east and west, and few International cuisines too.

I started this blog to kill time and boredom, till now, the journey has been amazing. I became so obsessed with cooking, experimenting and blogging about food, it has my heart and soul poured out! Thanks to my blog, I learned new cuisines, made lot of good friends, learned new techniques in cooking and taking food photography little more seriously. I met new people who share the same passion as I do. I thank you for stopping by my blog and hope that you enjoy your time on my space. I really appreciate your valuable comments, suggestions and feedback. Feel free to write in, my contact details are given below.
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All photos, content and text on this site are copyrighted to Padma's Kitchen and Padmalata Erusu. Everything on this site is self generated and it takes lot of hard work and effort to try, test and post a recipe on this site, so credits to the original content is always appreciated. You may share my photos and content with others for purely personal use as long as you cite a reference to me and to this blog. Absolutely no reproduction of photos or content for any other reason is allowed without the written consent to me. If you would like to request permission, please email me.

© 2007-2016 Padma's Kitchen,Padmalata Erusu - All content, including photos, writing and recipes are my own. As you can imagine, it takes quite a bit of effort to develop the idea, create and test the recipe and reproduce it on the site. Please ask first, before reproducing or distributing any material from the site.


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