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Friday, January 4, 2008

Creamy Corn Choup

Creamy Corn Choup ~ somewhere between chowder and soup

First and foremost, ( no, its not too late to say HNY...) I wish all my readers around the world a very Happy, Prosperous and Healthy New Year 2008.

Its been a very long time since I blogged, though not years! There were other things that needed my attention and my health took a toll, so blogging took a back seat. Thank you all for your concerned messages and comments, I am really overwhelmed.

As the temps are dropping more rapidly in here, I like to warm up with some soups during those wicked winterly days. Creamy corn choup is the thicker version for soup and thinner than any chowder, inspired by Rachel Ray.
Source: adapted from Rachel Ray
Cuisine: American, International
Prep time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 25 mins
Serves: 4-6 people
2 T extra-virgin olive oil
4 slices turkey bacon, chopped (optional)
1 onion, chopped
4 to 5 large ears corn, scraped from cob or 1 box frozen corn
1 medium or 2 small zucchini, chopped
1 pound small potatoes, chopped
1 red bell pepper, chopped
1 bay leaf
5 to 6 sprigs fresh thyme
1 teaspoon paprika
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1 quart chicken stock
1C heavy cream
1/2 C chopped flat-leaf parsley,
A few dashes hot sauce, to taste
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  1. Heat a medium soup pot over medium-high heat with extra-virgin olive oil.
  2. Add bacon to hot oil and cook until crisp at edges.
  3. Add onions and corn, zucchini and potatoes and bell pepper as you get them chopped.
  4. Also add to the soup pot the bay leaf, thyme sprigs, paprika, and salt and pepper, to taste.
  5. Cook for about 7 to 8 minutes to begin to soften the vegetables.
  6. Sprinkle flour into the pot, stir and cook 1 minute. Stir in the stock and let it come up to a bubble and thicken up a bit.
  7. Then stir in cream, parsley and hot sauce, to taste, and simmer 5 minutes. Season the soup with salt and pepper and serve hot with garlic bread.
Note: Leftover choup is great to taste the next day too!

Lastly, a big thank you for all my visitors for your lovely, heartfelt comments, you are my inspiration to get start over after this long blog-break!


FH said...

Hi Padma, I haven't seen you in a while too. Glad you are back, I was on break until last week too.
Choup looks great. I hate Rachel Ray when she makes up weird names like this, like Stoop.She destroys a great dish by calling these names!:P
Happy new year. Have a great weekend!:)

Rajitha said...

hey padma..glad that you are feeling better :)..a very happy new year to you an your family...choup looks good..can be easily vegetarianized ;)

Lisa Turner said...

Wonderful! You are back to blogging. I've missed you and look forward to more yummy recipes from your kitchen. Best wishes and good health for 2008 and beyond.

bee said...

have a wonderful new year, dear padma.

Mishmash ! said...

Nice to have u back...have a beautiful year ahead :) Hope u re in good health now!


DK said...

The pics luk amazing! Guess I will skip the bacon and make it! Happy New Year :-)

Red Chillies said...

Hey Padma, so good to have you back. Glad you are doing well. A Very Happy New Year to you. The word choup caught me by surprise, but then with Rachel Ray anyting is possible right?

Srivalli said...

Hey look who's here!..Its good to have you back Padma!. That picture no doubt just looks too good. Wish you a very happy New Year!

WokandSpoon said...

Hello. Sorry to hear that you haven't been well. Hope that you're feeling much better now. All the best for the new year! Looking forward to catching up with your blog!

Sagari said...

soup looks so creamy and yummy padma delecious haapy new year to u too

Richa said...

Best Wishes for 2008!
take care!

KayKat said...

Happy New Year, Padma. Glad you're doing better.

TBC said...

Hey Padma,
It's nice to see you back!I've checked in to see if there were updates. Hope you are feeling better now.
Here's wishing you health and happiness in 2008!

Dori said...

Happy New Year! I always loved corn chowders...this one looks super good! Will give it a try this year :)

Sig said...

Welcome back Padma! Hope you are feeling better now! Wish you a wonderful 2008... And the choup :) looks delicious...

Chef Jeena said...

Welcome back Padma with such an amazing recipe too, it looks sooooo good! Glad to see you blogging again can't wait for more recipes. :-)

Cakespy said...

Oooh this looks so perfect for the cold Seattle winter! I love this. Also, I have to say, Asha's comment above made me laugh out loud with the Rachel Ray comments. ;-)

Shivapriya said...

Hey Padma, Glad ur back. Hope everything is fine with you now. Soup looks great.

mb said...

Padma, Happy New Year. I'm glad you are back to blogging :) The Corn Soup looks great! -- Mandira

Seena said...

Hm,Me too don't like calling a delicious dish like that..:) Anyway it looks too yummy..

Laavanya said...

Good to have you back Padma and that's a beautiful looking soup. Happy New Year... take care.

Anonymous said...

Have a healthy and a great 2008, Padma.:) Soup looks very comforting.

Rina said...

Padma, after a long time I visitng you back. How come I missed your posts.. Love to try that bowl of Corn soup. Bookmarked. Love the parathas too. And always love your photograpy.

Archana Doshi said...

Slurp. Looks like i might not be able to sleep tonight(IST Time). Your photos look absolutely delicious.

Namratha said...

Looks creamy and delicious indeed!Nice blog Padma, spotted yours while blog hopping :)

Mansi said...

hehehe. I almost though there was a typo in your title!:D

this looks delicious, and yeah, I've been cooking some soups too! glad you are feeling better, so take sufficient rest though!

Kribha said...

Padma... First I thought you have made a mistake in typing. Reading thru your post only I understood the meaning. Nice name, recipe and picture.

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

I tried this recipe and it turned out very well :) Keep blogging.

You have been one of my inspiration to start my blog on cooking:

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