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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Poori Chole

Poori and Chole

When Anita of "A Mad Tea Party" announced the celebration of Indian Independence Day week with Poori and bhaji, I was already exhausted making them last weekend and top of that I did not capture them on my camera, pity! touring NY/NJ was already taking toll on me. I had to make my presence in this event as I forgot to email for JFI-Chillies to Nandita. So made sure that we had poori's today for brunch this way I won't miss to post on this event. Its party time at Mad Tea Party, so please gals dress up and see you all there.

We generally make potato/aloo curry to go with it, but pooris are so friendly and can be accompanied by variety of side dishes like shrikhand, amras, pickle, kesar halwa and many more. Pooris are cooked almost in all states across India. Since last week only I had pooris with aloo/potato curry, I made Chole (chickpeas/Garbanzo beans curry) this time. You can see in the last photo my DH is enjoying a *Nivala* (bite).

Source: Myself
Cuisine: Indian
Makes: 4 people

For making Poori's
Prep time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 20 mins
2½ cups of whole wheat flour
2 tsp sour cream or home made yogurt (optional)
½ cup water or accordingly
salt as per taste
oil for deep frying

  1. In a large vessel mix wheat flour, salt first and then add sour cream and little water knead into a soft dough.
  2. Cover and leave it for ½ hour. Make this into smooth round even sized balls. Using a roller pin flatten the balls one by one to make it round and flat of medium thickness.
  3. Deep fry this in oil till the poori pops fully and then drain and remove it from the frying pan.
  4. Serve hot with Chole or any favorite side dish.

For Chole / Chickpeas masala curry
Soak time: 8-12 hrs
Prep time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 10 mins
2 cups of Chickpeas/Garbanzo beans, soaked in water overnight or for 8-12 hrs
2 red onions, grated
3 green chillies, cut lengthwise and chop
2 tbsp crushed tomato paste or tomato puree
1 tsp garlic paste
1 tsp ginger paste
½ tsp of chilli powder
½ tsp of turmeric powder/haldi
1 tsp of chole masala powder
1 tsp garam masala powder
2-inch cinnamon stick
4-5 cloves
few bay leaves
salt as per taste
1 tbsp of oil

  1. Pressure cook the soaked chickpeas/garbanzo beans with little salt for about 5-6 whistles or you can use canned ones too.
  2. Meanwhile grate the onion and heat oil in a large sauce pan.
  3. To this add bay leaves, cinnamon stick and cloves saute till the aroma fills the room.
  4. Add the grated onion, chopped chillies, ginger paste, garlic paste and saute for 5 or more mins so that the raw taste of onion is gone.
  5. Then add all the powders and fry for a min or so, add crushed tomatoes/puree and salt.
  6. Lastly stir in the cooked chickpeas/garbanzo beans, saute till everything is mixed well.
  7. Serve hot with pooris.

DH enjoying his share of pooris and chole


Viji said...

Poori with chole is really good. Viji

Lia said...

this is one of my fav snack, great combination poori and chana :)

TBC said...

I love pooris with chole.Your pooris look good and I like your chole recipe.Why do u need a knife & fork for pooris? ;-)We're having them Indian-style, licking our fingers & all! :-)

Chef Jeena said...

Hey Padma I love curried chickpeas! Your recipe sounds good love the pictures:) Please tell me what is chloe?

Chef Jeena said...

Love the poori recipe I have never ate poori's but I would love to have a try I will let you know if I do! :)

Apple said...

Both the dishes look of my fav breakfast combo...

Santhi said...

Hi padma...I never thought poori goes well with chole...i have always had it with kale chane...but the pic looks so inviting..have to try this combo :-)

Sharmi said...

lovely and tempting pictures Padma. Doing a great job there:)

Aruna said...

Great combo Padma, loks very delicious to me!!!

Saju said...

Pooris look great. With chole or channa as we call them, they are pure comfort food!

Shah cooks said...

puris are indeed very versatile. kesar halwa made my mouth water. are u gonna blog that too?

Anonymous said...

It's beginning to feel like a real party. Thanks, Padma, for joining in the celebrations with your family. The chhole look very delicious and your recipe is very close to mine.

Srivalli said...

excellent pictures.. padma...


Padma said...

@ Viji, thanks dear for dropping by and your heartfelt comments

@ Lia,Keerthi, Santhi, Sharmi thanks for your lovely comments

@ tbc, knife & fork were kept to fill in the empty space there ;)

@ Jeena, *Chole* is another name for that Chana masala curry, am glad you liked it!

Padma said...

@ Aruna, Saju, Anita, Srivalli thanks for your comforting comments..

@ Mallugirl, I wanted to make the every possible combo for pooris but was already baked while frying pooris

Anonymous said...

Puri and chole ......hmmmm.My fav.Ur chole curry and puris r looking good.

Padma said...

Thanks Ramya for stopping by, glad you liked it!

Cynthia said...

I want to make these but because I live alone I am fearful that I will consume all of it :)

Yours looks really appetizing, Padma.

Bong Mom said...

Love Puri with Chole. Yummy

Latha Narasimhan said...

Hi padma,
First time here. I hve sucessfully learnt to manoevre in the blogosphere.
Everyone seems to be making pooris for some event! I too have announced an even. I invite you to take part.
I did my schooling and degree in HYD. I am fond of andhra food. Nice to read some telugu words.

Richa said...

oh my! so many posts this wknd :) that looks sooooo tempting

Dori said...

Hi Padma...thanks for visiting my page :) I love garbanzo's so much...this looks and sounds so yummy, I'm adding this to my WAY too long list of bloggers recipes to try!

Athika said...

Hey Padma, Lovely post. Its my favorite dish poori and chole I make very often and love it. It is the same way I make it taste very good.

Padma said...

Cynthia, I will invite myself to your place when you cook pooris, that way we can share the fat/calories... hahaa hehehee!

Thanks Latha for stopping by, you have a great blog going gals...Mee too love those bits of nativity on my blog..that depicts our roots! Thanks for your lovely and heart felt words, I will definitely try to join in

Thanks Sandeepa...

Richa...I got some time to blog after so long..thats the reason for gush of posts from my kitchen +_+

Hey Meeso, so nice to see you here, wow can I know my number on your list @_#

Athika, thanks dear and do pitch in you recipe for chole too!

Prema Sundar said...

Who wouldn't love pooris?? usually I make potato masala or mixed vegetable kurma for it.. Chole is the one I make with chappathis..
Looking at picture I have already decided to make chana for pooris the next time...

Susan said...

Padma, how is chole masala powder different from garam masala powder? Does it have amchoor in it? Everything's so tempting. Someone's going to have to tie my hands behind my back to keep me from deep frying!

Latha Narasimhan said...

I have to make pooris now. after seeing so many pooris and not able to eat them. too bad.
Nice chole recipe.

Swaruchy said...

The pic is awesome dear...felt like eating the poori and cholay :-)

Padma said...

Thanks Prema, Latha and Sirish for your valuable inputs, they really inspire...and Prema you are right, how can one resist eating Pooris

Dear Susan, sorry I could not reply earlier, the difference in Chole masala compared to garam masala (GM) is it has some more additional spices/ingredients apart from GM like Black salt, Mango powder, pomegrantate seeds powder, fried methi leaves, bay leaves, ginger, cassia, caraway and mace...thats how its unique than GM....
Nice to see your comments and kind words...tx

Susan said...

Thanks, Padma, for taking the time to explain the masala distinctions to me. I have a box of GM, but now I'll have to get (or make) some CM to keep it company. I am a sucker for spices. : )

Padma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Padma said...

Susan thats really wonderful to know that you love trying different spices

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