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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Homemade Orange peel scrub

I know this post is not related to cooking. Its all about giving a breathing spa to your skin. Yeah, I am talking about ex-foliating your skin. Dead skin cells, tanning etc can effectively be got rid off by using ex-foliating scrubs. However, one should not use the scrub daily to ex-foliate. If your skin is oily you may need once a week. For more drier skin once a month is more than enough.

We all know that citrus fruits have some medicinal values either taken internally or used externally on our skin. One such use is making scrubs out of their dried peels. Do not throw away Orange, lemon or lime peels. Dry them out thoroughly until they are brittle but not under direct sunlight, that may reduce its medicinal effects and its natural oils.

You can use any citrus fruit peels in combination for making this scrub at home. Usually I take 10 to 12 orange peels (yields 1 cup of powder) for making this scrub. Remember this homemade scrub is suitable for all skin types. But reduce the usage as per your skin type.

Homemade Orange peel scrub
Source: My Mother

1 cup dried orange peels
2 tbsp dry roasted blackgram dal/urad dal/minappapu
1 tbsp dry roasted red gram dal/toor dal/kandi pappu
2 tsp semolina/rava
1 dried rose petals
1 tbps sandal powder/chandan powder

Make the powder of dried citrus peels until smooth (but little coarse) in advance. Mix all the above ingredients and grind till it attains coarse powder texture. Store it in an air-tight container and ready to use.

When you want to ex-foliate your skin, mix above scrub with warm milk, honey and a hint of rose-water to make a coarse paste. Before a bath, rub this all over your neck, arms, body and legs. Use rough circular motions as you go along to ex-foliate the dead skin cells. Bathe normally

For face take the same mixture and dilute with few drops of warm water. Gently scrub in circular motion and rinse with warm water. It's a wonderful scrub and so easy to make and the effects are immediately visible. You can notice squeaky clean feel that leaves behind. For dry skin use full cream or homemade butter instead of milk.

Variation: You can use varitey of citrus peels together viz., lemon, lime, grapefruit, clementine, orange, tangerine etc.

My Mother always used to prepare this scrub powder for me and my sister. She always wants her girls to look best!! Thanks Mommy.....

I am sending this to Jugalbandi for Click-August 2008 event.


Cham said...

Never made homemade scrub! Looks simple , got to preserve the citrus peel! Beautiful click :)

bee said...

what fantastic tips!!! thanks for your entry, dear padma.

Jayashree said...

Beautiful click.

Madhavi said...

Hi takka, Enti Bueaty tips kuda post cheyyadamu modalipettava??? Good thought...

Usha said...

Very useful tips...thanks for sharing and your mini tart below looks very tempting :)

Amu... said...

Hmmm...Thanks for is really useful...

Anonymous said...

What about men,they can use this or not.Mail me Thanks.

Padma said...

This scrub can be used by men too! Since it is a face scrub can be used for any skin types..

kanthi said...

Mee clicks mathi pogottelaga unnayi,chala natural ga unnayi pix..scrub chala bagundhi padma garu.

kanthi said...

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ee coment delete cheseyandi chadivaka

Vishku said...

Hi Padma,
Very good tip Thank You

Anonymous said...

hi ,
superb tip.i live in abroad can u tell me how to dry the orange peels.

Unknown said...

Thank u so much for the useful tips

Unknown said...

Thank u so much for the tips

Anonymous said...

sounds great. How can I store it?? Airtight jar? Does it need to be refrigerated, and if so how long will it last? Thanks:)

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