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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gandhigiri, My Small Apt garden and Comments

I know this is out of topic-- apart from food blogging, but I wanted to post it on my blog. Only if you can spare some time to read it, especially on Gandhigiri.

Gandhigiri still works, is the current mantra buzzing in the H1B immigrants(Indians awaiting their GC application) these days. The abrupt closure of this path to a green card -- proof of lawful permanent resident status -- sent the applicants back to the queue for 2008, when they will have to spend more time and money, organizers of the protest said. There was a flower campaign arranged to protest USCIS for changing the visa bulletin. The gist of the campaign was to peacefully convey disappointment and concern at how things have evolved in the last month. Dilip Tekkedil, 32, a software engineer from North Andover, Mass., is one of the frustrated applicants who came up with the flower idea when his and many others GC application was not accepted.

This Flower Campaign message spread like wild fire and USCIS office was flooded with flowers from all across the country. I am sure all of you must have seen the hindi movie 'Lage Raho Munnabhai' released in 2006. In this movie its shown that one should always thank people for their deeds even if the person harasses you.. thank him and make him feel guilty by sending flowers. The same thing happened here. Though the message of non-violence of Gandhiji still works but the credibility goes to Rajkumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra of LRM.

Sadly this sensational news was not shown on many news channels, if you are interested to digg more on this check here and don't forget to check the video links from the last link below.
USCIS Director's response to the flower campaign Reuters Article| Washington Post Article |New York Times Article | NPR Broadcast | Complete Media Coverage with Pictures and Video

source: Immigration Voice Forum

My Small Apartment Garden

small, simple and sweet little note on my apartment gardening. After getting inspired from Kalyn's vegetable garden and other bloggers gardens, finally I started with three plants, Holy Basil (krishna tulsi) thanks to Sharmi for offering me Tulsi plant, spear mint and methi/fenugreek. I was so excited to see them grow that I wanted to share these pictures with you. I know its kiddish to do so, but I cannot resist myself to post on my garden plants.
Spear Mint पुदीना

Fenugreek seeds sprouts मेथी

Holy Basil-Krishn Tulsi कृष्ण तुलसी

Thanks to Sharmi for giving me tulsi

I will update more on this once my mint, tulsi and methis grows nice and healthy in my coming posts. Thanks!


My friends from all across the globe send some beautiful messages and warm wishes by email for congratulating me on my blog. So thought of including the same here, its so hard to keep digging my mail box for their messages, so this is kinda on-stop-commentum.

Saroja Krishna: Hi Padma, Nice to see ur mail. As and when ananth told that u started a food blog , I am excited to see it.
Congrats on starting ur own blog. Its a nice blog and ur profile photo is good So, u r keeping urself busy by collecting and experimenting with new recipes waiting to see new and variety recipes on ur blog. All the best padma.

Sumeet Bose: Padma- This is a Great discovery of a cook. Incredible Innovative job and fantabulous to start with Mother -in-law's Pachadi.

Radhika: Hi Padma, Nice to see your food blog. Lots of wishes to you on this.

Preeti: Cool I checked it & you are really doing good work. I didnt know you were interested in cooking. Anyways keep doing it. i will visit when i need good ones :-)

Hari Annaiya: This is wonderful………..Padma...Great Job!!!!!!!! and below is one of his colleague's comment

'S' - A good friend of my brother: Hey..This is so cool. I am a huge fan of Food blog sites, and I always (almost) turn to such sites if I am in doubt. It is so exciting to know that some one so clos(er) has hosted such a site. The photographs are really wonderful. She has a great talent

Sreejit: Sahi akka... dekhte hi mooh main pani aagaya.. all the dishes are wonderful... :)
I'd try few of those in this week end.. :) Veggie Akki Roti se start karta hoon ..

Rashi: hey thats g8 Padma

Lalitha(chinna):Ha ,so this is where all your recipies curiosity was going into!! Nice job. I just called divya and showed her the picture of bread snack and asked her to read the story.Even before reading she recognised the picture and after reading she confirmed Lata aunty wrote it.
So that is why u didn't have time to call. Keep it up. May you prosper in your adventure and master more and more recipes, art, craft, stitching and photography. Bye the bye nice writing too.

Bhanu: Hey paddu... your blog is too good. you become a very good cook now. why can't you open one small restuarent there :)

This list will be updated continously (0_0)


Sharmi said...

that is a cute garden! you are welcome Padma.

FH said...

Interesting post Padma.
First one,didn't know about that at all flower business,good for them:).
It is NOT kiddish to show your garden!Actually there is a event to grow and cook with your own garden veggies. I will make a whole post shortly!:)

Saju said...

lovely garden. I love gardening. In London, right now, we have such aweful weather, we can only look out of the window at the garden. It has been rain rain rain for almost two month.

Anonymous said...

i don't know abcd's of gardenning.ur doing a great job.and tulsi is looking very tulsi and krishna tlsi different or same.where did u get that.

Padma said...

Thanks Sharmi...

I didnt knew this Asha, about grow and cook your own veggies. Looking fwd for your post.

Saju...till now even I was gazing other's garden, it took me 2.5 yrs to start garden of my own..Yeah i know in GB its raining heavily, you all are safe. Thanks!

Ramya, this tulsi I got it from Sharmi of Neivedyam. Actually we are neighbours :). Well there are two types of tulsi, Krishna tulsi and Ram tulsi. As is the name Krishna tulsi has some bluish tincture to the leaves and stems, while Ram tulsi is simply green (they say white). If you live in NJ, I have seen them selling at Bridgewater temple HTH...and thanks for your compliments

swapna susarla said...

Hi padma
the gsrden looks beautiful!!

Jayashree said...

Padma, how do you grow methi?
U have a nice garden there.

Argus Lou said...

Padma, it is not childish at all. It's lovely to watch plants grow, I agree. Nature is sheer beauty in itself. On my balcony, I have a chives plant which one day sprouted beautiful purplish flowers (I've an old blog post showing it), a basil plant, a citron-mint plant and a sage plant, besides floral plants. I use the basil leaves quite a lot - for bruschetta especially.

By the way, I love the Flowers Campaign that you wrote about in your latest post. I'm not Indian but I've several friends of Indian origin and I love everything about Mahatma Gandhi and his peaceful ways.

TBC said...

Hi Padma,
Your garden looks great!That was a good post.

Thanks for visiting my blog & thank you for your kind words.What/Where is TIA? I'm afraid I did not understand the question you asked me.

Coffee said...

Hi Padma, nice garden there! And its not at all kiddish so don't worry about that! :)

Padma said...

Swapna, I am glad you liked my garden

Jayasree, its very easy to grow methi only thing you want is a planting pot and methi seeds, ofcourse a daily dose or two of water :) try this and LMK

Thank you Argus for your kind comments. Glad you liked the flower campaign post. Yeah its indeed satisfying to watch our plants grow. I would like to see your garden too..

Thanks Sharmi, Asha, Saju, Ramya, Argus,TBC and Coffee for comforting and assuring me for my not so kiddish post. I was afraid what people will think seeing at my tiny garden compared to others...

Argus Lou said...

Never be afraid of or worried about what other people will think, Padma. Just do what you love with sincerity, pride and passion, and all else will fall into place. ;-)

(As for my wild-bird-watching stories, at first I thought they were silly and no one would read them, but a few did say they enjoyed them. And that was all that mattered. ^_^ )

Unknown said...

hey padma ... back from India... loved the flower story ....thanks to Gandhiji !! his theory still works... your garden is coming out in full swing ... cool!! good going girl....

Padma said...

Neitha, thanks dear for visiting my blog. Hope you had a great time in India....

kanthi said...

padma ,how is your garden now after 3 years of span,it would have become a big garden..good post padma.

Anonymous said...

Hello Padma,

I like your reciepes. About the garden, hmmmmmm! I am chicago. How do I grow few herbsinside the house? Can you help me guide?

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