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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Minty Watermelon Lemonade

Minty Watermelon Lemonade
minty watermelon lemonade

It’s hot! You’re dying for a long, tall, cold drink. Forget about the so-so soda or the same-old iced tea. In just minutes, you can whip up a fruity liquid antidote to beverage boredom that will cool and refresh. This crowd-pleasing watermelon lemonade will slake your thirst and startle your taste buds. When the mercury rises, this is what generally comes to my mind, a soothing cool drink with minty flavor. This is my entry to AFAM-Watermelon (a-fruit-a month) hosted my wonderful Jai & Bee of Jugalbandi.

Source: My own
Cuisine: Global
Preparation time: 5 mins
Serves: 4 people

1 pound watermelon, ripened
½ cup lemon juice, freshly squeezed
½ cup sugar
3-4 Mint leaves, crushed

  1. Cut the watermelon into large big chunks.
  2. Put all the ingredients in a blender and mix well.
  3. If you want, you can sugar the rim of the glass and garnish with a watermelon slice and lemon wheel.
  4. Makes four one-cup servings.

crowd-pleasing drink

a-fruit-a-month Watermelon


FH said...

Padma,I just made the similar one without mint too,I will post next week!!:)
It is very hot,94F here today.I am trying to take a photo outside on the deck and the Ice started to melt!I had to click super fast!:D
Beverage looks wonderful.I love little Melon balls,so cute.Enjoy.

Padma said...

hey Asha, tell me one thing how do you manage to post immediately after I posted? is there any feed for that too ^_^ if yes, then please lmk... its ver humid outside, with passing thunderstorms...very sticky day so far....Iam waiting to see ur afam post, till them

FH said...

here is the link.Read and put all the URLs you want and put a star on each so you get the renewed posts quickly!:)
Once you comment,the URL disappears,that's why I can't come back here to check for replies unless I remember the all the blog 100+ names!;D
Hope this helps,enjoy.

Cynthia said...

I've just come from drinking Nupur's watermelon ginger ale but I would love to have some of your minty watermelon lemondade :)

Nupur said...

The combination of mint and watermelon sounds delicious! I love the way you write your recipes, very neat and tidy.

Sig said...

Hi Padma, thanks for dropping by my site... You've done a great job with your new blog... Great pictures and some nice recipes too... Will be back for more... :)

Chandrika said...

Padma..the photo is damn cute...! :-)

sra said...

Lovely photos, Padma!

Anonymous said...

Refreshing drink Padma... it looks so wonderful!!!

Sia said...

yayyyyy...i am eating watermelon and here ur minty watermelon lemonade pops out:)

J said...

You have a great blog here, Padma.

Athika said...

Hi padma, Awesome pictures!!! Watermelons are my favorite and with mint, it is like heaven. I will surely try this receipe.Enjoy

Thistlemoon said...

That is really beautiful! I just made some recently as well - without the mint or lemon juice! Also turned some into granita!

Padma said...

Hey Asha, thanks for that helpful tip, now my blo-travelling is lil manageable...I was so very nervous about it..

Hey Cynthia, thank you and you are always welcome to have this lemonade, glad you like it..

Nupur, thanks honey for your kind words...loved reading your MEME and WMGinger Ale too!

Thanks Sig for the compliments, thats so sweet of you. But guess it a long way to go!

Hey Chandrika, thanks ya! I am still in the starting stage of learning to click....have to get some secret tips from you guys...

Thanks Sra! Glad you loved it..

Hey Cinnamon thanks ra!

Thanks Sia, WM's are really mouthful of superlative taste...

Jyothsna thanks for visiting my blog, nice to know you...

Thanks Sandeepa

Athika thanks yaar...I am sure you will love this combination with a kiss of mint.

Jenndz, thanks for visiting and yeah I have to start making Granita too with the leftover WM

Thanks every one for your kind comments, its really appreciated...

Sharmi said...

lovely post and great pics!! nice presentation.

Srivalli said...

Lovely look so heavenly.


Padma said...

Thanks Sharmi....

Srivalli thanks for visiting my blog already added to my list..

bee said...

thanks for participating in AFAM, padma. the drink looks refreshing and must be aromatic too.

Padma said...

Thanks Bee for a great round-up and yeah it surely is aromatic and very refreshing

Mae~ flowering tea said...

This is perfect watermelon lemonade. I love the presentation. Thanks for sharing your recipe. This is my first visit to your blog and I'm loving it. I'll keep coming back to check more of your posts. ~Mae

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